Robot Spraying
Product Name: Robot Spraying
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Stable Paint Supply - CPSI + CPSII Paint Supply System

High stability: the pipeline system adopts the design of the main circulation system to provide reliable and stable fluid.
Low shear agitator design to meet the needs of waterborne coatings;
High degree of integration: paint mixing, pumping, filtration, pressure regulating and reflux are all perfectly integrated to provide low pulse, stable and clean fluid.
Pneumatic lifting function, provide fast and convenient cleaning method.

Scope of application: Various paints, solvents and curing agents.
Low solid components such as PU and UV or low viscosity solvent.
High solids or high viscosity waterborne coatings

CorMix Double Component Precision Mixing Ratio + Quick Cleaning  and Color Changing

It is mainly used for on-line automatic proportion and mixing equipment of solvent, water - based and acid - cured two-component coatings. It has accurate ratio and simple operation. CorMix can be equipped with CorFlo hardware to achieve the process requirements of quantitative transportation and spray coating after online mixing of two-component coating;
Standard dual Coriolis mass flowmeter, no dead angle design, high precision double-tube fluid lines, high measurement accuracy, sealed body maintenance-free design, one-button flowmeter calibration, to ensure accurate flow detection;
Volume ratio and weight ratio: not only can use the traditional volume proportioning method, but also more innovatively increase the weight ratio function, making the coating ratio more flexible and diverse, eliminating the need for customer weight and volume ratio conversion trouble 

Matching work scope:
0.1:1 - 30:1
Matching accuracy up to ±1%

CorFlo & AccuFlo Precision Spray Flow Detection, Metering, and Control Equipment

Designed for robots and automatic spraying a double stroke displacement electronic measurement system with high precision, with 1 cc for the control unit, makes the control of the coating more accurate, the output more stable, and the flow reproducibility is high. It is an essential requirement for digital painting.
The use of high-precision mass flow meter design without dead angle for measurement, high measurement accuracy, low failure rate, suitable for solvent and water-based coatings;
Precise and stable flow control not only ensures uniform film thickness, but also greatly improves product quality and production efficiency.
Monitor and adjust traffic in real time
  / 20-1900 CC/min /
Independent PID adjustment module

Synchronous External Shaft Spraying Robot System + Rail Robot Orbit
Synchronous external shaft painting robot system is an overall solution designed for automatic spraying, polishing and grinding of rail transportation, new energy buses, heavy construction machinery, large steel structures, wind power equipment and other industries;
The system includes an explosion-proof robot, an explosion-proof synchronous external shaft system, an internal and external double-molded water-based electrostatic rotary cup system, an aqueous two-component automatic proportioning system, an aqueous central supply paint system, a body positioning system, and an upper computer overall line management system. Make the spraying process more intelligent, simple, visual, high reproducibility, more precise coating control, more vivid colors.
Maximum length/width/height is satisfied:
30M - 2.55M - 3.5M
One-time molding of products