Online Dispenser
Product Name: Online Dispenser
Views: 311 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-06-08
  • The on-line dispensing equipment has obvious industrial automation characteristics, which can be connected to different production lines, reliable and durable, simple design, suitable for medical, electronic, photoelectric and other industries
  • Equipped with independent research and development software to ensure the system is stable and reliable. The system is IPC controlled and can be easily switched between jet dispensing valves, hot melting point valves, screw pumps and other dispensing control systems.
  • The CCD function of the device can automatically locate the product, automatically correct the glue path and detect the defect of glue quantity.
  • TEDA has established extensive support and service networks throughout the country, providing complete process solutions for customer development, manufacturing and product innovation

Equipment Selection :

  • Low level detection and alarm
  • Weighing system
  • visual identification system
  • Laser height measurement
  • Platform heating module
  • Valve body flow heating device
  • Rotary spraying mechanism
  • 300cc feeding device
  • Dual track

                    Technical Parameters

X/Y/Z Axis Repeatability


Working Temperature


Dispensing Range

300 X 300 X 50 mm

Working Environment 



Platform Maximum Load



220V , 1KW

Working Platform

heating50 ℃ ~150 ℃




5 million pixels, camera accuracy ± 0.02mm


800 X 800 X 1900 mm

Laser Displacement 

Sensor Accuracy:


Dispensing System

Injection valve, screw pump 

valve, striker valve

Motor System

Servo grade precision motor