SEC-300EDN hot melt adhesive with tank
Product Name: SEC-300EDN hot melt adhesive with tank
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Automatic SEC-300EDN hot melt adhesive dispensing machine. This machine can perform automatic fluid dispensing, potting, injecting, coating, painting, and so on. The machine can apply materials in different areas of the product continuously and homogenously. With the program assists, it can perform single spot, circular, and other irregular graphical dispense. The dispensing hose can feed glue fast and in time production, this reduces waiting and wasting, reduced production time and save labor cost greatly.



SEC-300EDN (with 80KL hot melt machine)

XYZ Working range (XYZ):


Machine dimension:


Max Y/Z payload


Max travel speed:


Movement drive:

Stepping motor + Belt + Precise Linear Guide Rail

XYZ precision:


Temperature range:


Program Storage:

999 parameter files(65535 points per file)

Operating method:

LCD panel, teach pendant

Motor system:

micro stepping motor

Dispense mode:

3 axis point to point, straight line, arc.

IO ports

4 inputs/4 outputs

Power supply:

AC220V 50/60Hz 0.5kw

Working condition:

Temperature 0-40;humidity 20-90%

Machine weight:



Main configuration:








Micro Stepping Motor

High precision dispensing valve:



Second Original

Movement controller:



Second Original

Control software:



Second Original  

Precision dispensing control:



Second Original


Machine feacutres:

1, User friendly bilingual (Chinese/English) handheld teaching panel.

2, Can dispensing dot, line, face, arc, circle, and other irregular pre-determined paths.

3, Able to dispense on 3 dimensional and uneven curved surfaces.

4, High tech pendant supports different array, graphical browsing, 3 dimensional reading, inserting, and group editing.

5, Supports high speed 2G, MiniSD reading and storage, saves up to 999 working paths and files

6, Allows to set each dispensing frequency, amount, speed, interval, pause, or viscosity.

7, Equips with special dispensing controller, it provides steady continuous homogeneously feeding without leaking.

8,  Build in anti-caking automatic function avoids pinhead block.

9, Powerful system compatibility with the Logoshop software allow to import mainstream design software, such as Auto CAD, Coral Draw, etc. to generate a different file formats (NC, .AI, .DXF, .JPG, BMP, scanner, etc.)


  8KL hot melt machine: 

 Hot melt speed: 10KG/HR.

 Tank size: 8KG

 Total power consumption:2800WPower:220VAC/2 phases

 Hot melt machine heating power1600WMax temperature 25C

 Computer operation with touch screen for setup and controls

 Melt tank internal is use high quality imported TFL material for high heat resisting and tolerate.

 PID temperature controlhigh quality imported PT100 temperature sensor will be install for the independent adjustment.


1 temperature control flexible pipe:           

 Imported TFL core pipe for durable usage, and heat resisting.

 Using USA carbonize heating coil to transfer heat, it is durable and stable.

 Using imported high quality PT100 temperature sensor to controls and provides even heat supply.


One unit of dispensing headPinhead open is 0.3mm, but can be custom made              

 Using pneumatic open and close design to assure its high precision and fast reaction as well as stability.

 The dispensing head is made with imported high quality material, to assure it dispense precisely, and last longer.

 Build-in unique filter to make sure it dispenses smoothly, and evenly without jamming and keep up the quality.

 German made sealing parts, making sure it produce homogenously and continuously.

 Suits different dispensing amount, and able to provide low, mid, high speed

Dispenses without stop, or additional setup.


The photo above is the hot melt resin for references.