Product Name: MC500
Views: 851 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-08-15

Heavy loader palletizing

  • High speed & Heavy payload by the Hollow wrist structure
  • This robot has enough lifting power to handle jobs loading and stacking beverages, bricks, plastic resins, concrete and other heavy goods.
  • 500kg Payload (wrist must be directed downward)

Robot specifications

Model MC500P
No. of axes 5
Arm J1 Swivel 1 ±180°
J2 Horizontal -105 to +60°
J3 Vertical -130 to +30°
Wrist J5 Bend ±120° *2
J6 Rotation 1 Max : ±360°
Value of initial settings : ±210° *3
Max. speed Arm J1 Swivel 1 90°/s
J2 Horizontal 90°/s
J3 Vertical 90°/s
Wrist J5 Bend 110°/s
J6 Rotation 1 180°/s
Maximum load Wrist 500kg
Load capacity on forearm Max. 25kg
static load
torque for wrist
J5 Bend 3,450N·m
J6 Rotation 1 1,725N·m
moment of
inertia for wrist
J5 Bend 600kg·m2
J6 Rotation 1 400kg·m2
Maximum reach 3,756m
Position repeatability ±0.3mm
Ambient temperature *1 / humidity 0to45°C / 20to85% RH (without condensation)
Vibration 0.5G or less
Installation Floor mount
Dust proof, Drip proof IP54 equivalent
Weight 3,000kg
Power consumption 9.7KVA

1[N·m] = 1/9.8[kgf·m]

(*1) When used at less than 1,000 m above sea level. Exceeding the allowable altitude limits the acceptable ambient temperature.
(*2) Software limits the downward vertical range of axis 5 to ±5°. Axis 4 can move ±360° and axis 5 can move ±125° only when the encoder correction screen or software limit settings screen is open.
(*3) The initial settings are ±210°. When passing cable through the hollow part of the 6th axis, use a range of ±210°. When a cable is not passed through, the operating envelope can be extended to a maximum of ±360°, depending on the usage conditions.