Product Name: EZ03
Views: 1170 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-08-15

Downsizing the equipment

  • Installation of the inverted mount provides space saving for equipment layout.

High speed operation with the shortest path

  • Thanks to its slim arm, high speed operation is possible. Also inverted mounting allows the robot to travel the shortest path.

Smart cable routing

  • A large, 36 mm-diameter hole in the tip of the wrist.
  • With all wires and tubes built into the machine body, the risk of interference is reduced and reliability is improved.

Complicated operations can be performed (6-axis model:to be released in this summer)

  • More complicated operations such as insertion from an angle, change of orientation in an assembly process and grinding/finishing are possible.

Various options

Operating envelope and exterior dimensions

* The values in ( ) are for EZ03V4-02-4515.

* The values in ( ) are for EZ03F4-02-5515.

(*1) The specifications are subject to changes without notice.
(*2) In case that an end user uses this product for military purpose or production of weapon, this product may be liable for the subject of export restriction stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Please go through careful investigation and necessary formalities for export.


 Robot model

1 EZ series
2 Payload (03)
3 Installation: V = Inverted, F = Floor
4 Number of axes: 4
5 IP: D = IP65, blank = standard (IP20)
6 Version
7 Maximum reach (input the first two digits):
450 · 550 (45, 55)
8 Amount of Z-axis movement (input the first
two digits):150 · 250 (15,25)

Robot model EZ03V4-02
Structure Horizontal articulation
Number of axes 4
Drive system AC servo system
Max. operating
J1 250mm 150mm 250mm 150mm
J2 ±170°
J3 ±180° ±145°
J4 ±360°
Max. velocity *5 J1 1400mm/s 1200mm/s 1400mm/s 1200mm/s
J2 450°/s
J3 720°/s
J4 2400°/s
Payload 2kg (3kg)
Allowable moment
of inertia for wrist *1
J4 0.05kg·m2 (0.005kg·m2 rated)
Position repeatability *2 ±0.014mm
Max. reach 450mm 550mm
Air piping Ø6 x 2
Application wirings 10 wires
Installation Inverted mount Floor mount
Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature:0to45°C *3
Ambient humidity:20to85% RH(without condensation)
Vibration:Not more than 0.5G(4.9m/s2)

Environmental conditions *4 IP20
Noise level *6 70dB
Robot mass 42kg 43kg

1[rad] = 180/π[°], 1[N·m] = 1/9.8[kgf·m]

* Explosion-proof version is not available.
*1 The Allowable moment of inertia of a wrist changes with the load conditions of a wrist.
*2 This value conforms to “JIS B 8432”.
*3 Permitted height is not higher than 1,000m above sea level. If used in a higher place, permitted temperature is affected.
*4  Fluids that cause the deterioration of sealants, such as gasoline-based cutting fluids, chlorine, alkali, acids, and organic solvents, cannot be used.
*5 The maximum velocity in the chart is a maximum value. The maximum value may change depending on work programs and load conditions of the wrist.
*6 A-weighted equivalent sound level measured according to JIS Z 8737-1 (ISO 11201). 
(while operating at maximum speed with rated load)